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This campaign has a lot of volunteers and a lot of supporters in our community! Thank you so much for giving your time, in-kind donations and financial support. If you would like to volunteer, please send us an email –

Please forgive us if we have forgotten to list your name — we’re sure many more names will be added!

Jeremy Harrison-Smith
Johanna Torres Flores
Tom Glade
Brenda Lavender
Alexis Ozaus
John Smith
Hilda Maria Valdespino
Ginny Darvill
Brenda Cunningham
Tim Manns
Amelia Furlong
Felisha Palomera Avendaño
Sheila Klein
Corinne Salcedo
Rev. Josefina Beecher
Rufina Leticia Jimenez
Diane Paul
Jorge Manzanera
Larry Behrendt
Rob Coffey
Deborah North
Miguel Angel Gaitan
Mary Kay Barbieri
Sarah Nelson Smith
Krista Salinas
Jamal Rabieh
Claudia Avendaño-Ibarra
Libby Mills
Regan Weeks
Alex Perez
Kate Smith
Rebecca Redshaw
Kay O’Neill
Marianne Meyer
Jed Holmes
Alejandra Ozaus
John Baker
Elgan Wade Lance
Brad Clure
Joan Pfeiffer
Chelsea Jimenez
Michael & Phoebe Smith
Anne Basye
Anni Campbell
Catherine Carter
Anita Ordonez